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Dubbo Transmitter (Tx) Specifications

Location: Eulomogo, 7km east of Dubbo NSW
Power: 2000 Watts
Frequency: 1251 KiloHertz
Wavelength: 240 metres
Antenna: Single monopole, omni-directional
Mast Height: 91 metres (physical height)
Main TX: Broadcast Electronics (BE) with 5KW maximum power output
Standby Tx: Harris/Gates-2 with 2.5KW maximum power output
Operation: 24 hours continuous
Program Backup: Remote transmitter back-up tape activated after 20 second studio failure

Through our Eulomogo Transmitter(1251AM) and Cobar Translator (972AM), 2DU reaches an audience of up to 65,000 in the area shown in our broadcast 'footprint' (right).

Dubbo city is our largest population centre, with our signal also serving many surrounding towns, including Narromine, Gilgandra, Wellington, Coonamble, Cobar, Peak Hill, Coonabarabran, Dunedoo, Warren, Trangie, Mendooran, Nyngan, Yeoval and Gulargambone.

At the studio various studio signals from microphones, computers, turntables, tape recorders, cartridge machines, CD players, the satellite receiver and landlines from outside broadcasts and network programs, are mixed together using a mixing console.

The various knobs and switches control this mixing and the final result is known as the program.

Cobar Transmitter (Tx) Specifications

Location: 2km south-east of Cobar NSW
Power: 100 Watts
Frequency: 972 KiloHertz
Wavelength: 309 metres
Antenna: Single monopole, omni-directional
Mast Height: 45 metres
Main TX: Broadcast Electronics (BE) with 500 Watts maximum power output
Standby Tx: RME with 250 Watts maximum power output
Operation: 24 hours continuous, relayed from Dubbo
Program Backup: None
Distance from Studio: 274 km


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