Radio Stations are branded or identified by an image package of sweepers or jingles. Listen to some of the 2DU idents from over the years. How many do you remember?

The “125 – 2DU” Jingle package was produced on Oct 5, 1978, and aired until 1984. There were 17 variations within this series including “City Rhythm, Disco Life, Finger Lickin’, Slow & Raunchy Rock, Tango, Summer & Winter”. The package included News Themes. Station identification “125 2DU” was used prior to the installation of the Cobar Translator on 972Khz.

 City Rhythm (Disco Life) 15 sec Full Vocal

 City Rhythm (Slow Rock) Vocal Stab

 Finger Lickin (Fast Country) 15 sec Full Vocal

 City Rhythm (Summer Chorus) Fast Drum Sting

The 1978 Jingle package was replaced in 1984 by the “We’re With You, 2DU” series. Once our Cobar Translator began operation, 2DU could no longer be branded solely as “125 2DU”.

The “We’re With You” package was produced at Studios 301 Sydney, on Nov 14, 1984, and remained in use until 1989. There were 21 variations within this series, with a number of different tempos and moods and some male, female and group vocal versions.

 We’re With You, 2DU 30 sec Full Vocal

 We’re With You, 2DU (G2) Vocal Tag

 We’re With You, 2DU (G3 Male) Vocal Stab

 We’re With You, 2DU (S2 Female) Voc Stab

The sweeper below was one of the series used for station identification during networked overnight programs until the mid 1990′s.

 1990’s Overnight Sweeper

In 1997, after our supplementary FM licence began broadcasting, 2DU carried “The Best Songs Of All-Time” branding, with image voice-overs by Grant Goldman. This series comprised numerous audio variations, including the Towns Package featuring the names of 15 towns within our listening area.

 Towns Sweeper Series (Dubbo Ident Network)

 Towns Sweeper Series (Dubbo Ident Cold)